The Easiest, Most Powerful, Metal Cleaner in the World

Quickleen was born in 2001 when Australian businessman Richard Matusik became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the stainless steel cleaning products he was selling. He met a chemist and the two immediately began experimenting to find a cleaner that was simple, powerful, safe, and effective. After extensive testing, the two discovered the proprietary formula that would become Quickleen – the world’s easiest, most powerful metal cleaner.

About Quickleen USA Quickleen is exclusively distributed in the USA by Ester Yildiz LLC. Ester Yildiz was formed in 2005 with the goal of connecting Turkish companies selling unique, top quality products to partners in the US. What started primarily as a handwoven rug company has grown into an importer of the finest art of Turkey - and now an amazing new cleaner from our friends in Australia.

The President Kutlay Kaya, founder and president of Ester Yildiz, has extensive experience in the business world. Mr. Kaya established Ester Yildiz in 2005.

Quickleen was introduced to Mr. Kaya on a visit to Australia and it immediately piqued his interest. Not only is it a "green" product, but it was unparalleled in its ease of cleaning - and it had never been sold in America!

Our Values Our commitment to you with Quickleen is to provide a reliable product that will safely tackle your toughest cleaning problems. Ester Yildiz LLC is further committed to the timely delivery of top quality products and services.

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We’re so confident you’ll think Quickleen is the easiest, most powerful metal cleaner you’ve ever used that we’ll happily refund your money if you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days.

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“I’m now a believer! I only used a tiny bit of Quickleen & it cleaned my silver instantly.

I have a large silverplate serving bowl that belonged to my grandmother & I’d never been able to get it clean. With Quickleen- done!”

Jo Murphy
Richmond, VA